In awe of Sahyadris

Monsoons always made me cringe. Bad roads, slushy commute, that heavy humid air  ,if you are an atheist traffic in mumbai on a rainy day will make you question your atheism .This year the idea of rainy season was to change for me  .  One dull rainy day, sipping tea and gazing on the road from my window, a window in mind exhorted me to get out  of here. Facebook came to my rescue , a friend had asked me to like this page about a trekking group intuitively i looked it up , there was something this weekend…..

Bhimashankar in the Sahyadris is a 2-day trek.  “Trek from Bhimashankar via Ladder Route to Siddhgad” . Couple of clicks and all set for the weekend.

Day-1 -13/07/2103

Something about these outdoor trips , waking up at 4 am was easy  , my bag was ready and anticipating .I grabbed the local train to Karjat, one by one other participants trickled in , by the time we reached Karjat, we were already a group of 17.


The morning was fresh , the decision was instant, breakfast first and then the rest , we made our way to Khandas village, introductions were in order but after chai and poha.

No looking back now , it felt like a mission , 20 minutes into the hills , then the mountains rose, terrain was getting a bit treacherous, guiding each other we reached a waterfall ,an experienced member said something like behold ! ,zig zagging its way through the terrain i marveled at its enigma , watching the fall ,feeling its sound , i got lost in one of those zen moments . A dangerous zen moment  as i was not willing to break its spell ,it was a moment for eternity , eternity as we know doesn’t last forever filling our souls we moved on.


A new inspiration had got hold of  me , the world i knew was now becoming a distant dream soon to be forgotten as the terrain awarded us with challenges .After the initial hiccups we were moving like a smooth tune , a rhythm was set ,we soon lost the sense of time .

We were drawing near a plateau  .Found some civilization , some farms a hut near it , like a reminder of the human persistence it stood of the items in the trekking list was plum cakes , it made sense now , enjoying plum cakes here felt like ecstasy.   The journey recovered  we trekked on to some dense vegetation, some steep slopes , some mean and narrow paths ,questions about life were in order , the mind was coming to conclusions there was no need to think now , terms like future and  past was not being comprehended at last. We unrestrained reached the top. The top . was this our aim we didn’t know . We reached Nagphani. My sights were subjected to one of the most underrated view , it was a stunning to say the least.Feeling the mist  on my faces and rain drops on my skin , i felt alive.


We headed towards a temple in sight.  Placed our luggage in the room and walked towards GuptBhimashankar, a hidden paradise in Bhimashankar. We walked nimbly in the forest leading to this place. It was evening and the light was dropping quickly , the brume was drifting with us .The leaves were playing tricks with a evening light , it  was a complex physics phenomenon , we were all amazed to see this. One of our friends explained that this phenomena happens only in Bhimashankar forest. With ambient light and dense forest  my spine was tingling. We sought blessing of Lord Shiva and returned to a room near the temple by night , the mood  was buoyant , dinner was bhakri and pickles , some games and we dozed off

Day-2 -14/07/2103

Whatever sleep i had , it felt less , inertia had gripped me , my body was offering me a choice to stay in bed or  to get up and get going ,the mind tells me to go back to sleep , but the soul knows otherwise.

1069149_10151463632111920_1290610317_nA jeep was available for a 6 kms ride to Kondwal ,some delicious Poha (more of peanuts in it than Poha) and tea set the enlivening tone for the day,We were trekking again.

The path that  followed for the next was the one to reme280428_10152048872405744_1203740231_omber and cherish. Lush green carpets draped in heavenly mist with embroidery of bird calls and whistles encapsulated our inner self. surreal. no you must read it again cause it was as surreal as it can possibly be . we were drifting towards the base then ,we reached Kalyan and took the train home , everyone was quiet and we knew the dream was over , excel sheets and phone calls were waiting for us . but my heart was content for more , i know i had found something ,something no riches will ever buy ….there were some bruises and  small small scars , but i choose to focus on the permanence that which will not heal , the quest for monsoons had begin i will await it every year , beyond these hazy city lights there are glitches of paradise,and this is only the beginning .

Photo credits: Hansraj Singh, Deepankar Mehta and Radhika Paul

Group Name: Trek Mates India

Quick stats

Name of Place : Bhimashankar

Nearest railway station: Karjat/Kalyan

Nearest airport : Mumbai

Ideal time : 2 days

Our narrator Dharmesh Vithalani is an Network and Security Engineer with lots of enthusiasm for life , he believes in discovery and is smitten by the thrill of adventure , he thinks he was  a banyan tree in his past life , you can follow him @Dharmesh_vi on twitter ,message him at his facebook page  or email him at

Trekking in Sikkim


Sikkim, the undisclosed land of the Himalayas is a fabulous place for treks. One can sense the fresh and crisp air lingering in the atmosphere while trekking. As one passes through the valleys and gorges the beauty of the mountains unfolds before the eyes. Trekking to Kangcendzonga is extremely challenging and captivating, but a worthy one for it provides an opportunity to see nature at its vibrant best. Trekking amidst the gorgeous orchids, the kaleidoscopic birds and butterflies make you feel exhilarated. Numerous wonderful trekking routes are available in Sikkim. These treks pass through spectacular gompas, colorful hamlets and interesting alpine forests which have abundant flora and fauna.


Namchi which is South Sikkim’s district head quarters offers unparallel views of the white-crested mount of Kangchendzonga and is a convenient base for the short treks. The walk from Rabangla to Mainom top winds past ancient forests which is teeming with birdlife.
The Barsai Rhododendron Sanctuary is a scenic, easy trek; its protected forest is home to silver fir, hemlock, magnolia and of course, rhododendron which are in glorious bloom in March and April. The trek with the best mountain views is from Dzongri to Goecha La. You can even see the Kanchendzonga reflected in the glacial lakes.
At every twist and turn in the path you come across another natural wonder and you marvel at the bounty nature has bestowed upon this region. Trekking in Sikkim is an experience of a lifetime.